Our management team has perceived the safety of consumers which in near future Big bike motorcycles shall be rapidly grown as in year 2012 the figure shown double. Riding any motorcycles with engine level 250cc or higher, considered as very high speed and can endanger themselves. All protective helmets being sold in the market could not answer consumers’ questions.

Although ECE standard has not yet been imposed in Thailand our neighboring Asian countries have started to use helmets with ECE standard.

From this tiny thought dedicated to society, PROTO helmet has been originated by joint-venture between S.Y.K. Autopart Import-Export Co., Ltd. and Japanese manufacturer, with professional engineering teams specialized in protective helmets, we are proud that our helmets which have been accredited ECE standard, can be distributed in European countries. At present, ECE standard was considered as the most toughest and newest standard.

The name of PROTO was derived from:

  • 1. PRO = professional
  • 2. TO = Moto

It implies as ‘specialized in motorcycle’.

From above-mentioned meaning, all PROTO products have been come out in form of ‘premium’, safety and modern design. Raw materials must be superior quality. Above all, it shoud meet with Big bike riders’ principal requirement.

PROTO products are consisting of five (5) models; each model has not only unique but alo different characters. Raw materials and inside assembly have all stemmed from abroad, only some few handiworks manufactured in Thailand.

Therefore, PROTO helmets shall be another choice for Big bike riding lovers; no matter what it is used as hobbies or daily riding. Owing to be internationally certified but manufactured by consideration of wearers as main point from professional helmets plant which has long involved in this field.